Dr Diamantopoulos is offering top quality expert fertility services to Greek and International patients, collaborating with the best IVF Clinics and the most prestigious private Maternity Hospitals in Athens and Thessaloniki. 

He is a highly qualified obstetrician and gynaecologist with specialist fertility training. He has spent over 15 years caring for women in maternity hospitals in the UK and helping couples in their journey to parenthood. He has long clinical experience in the fertility field, having worked in world renowned fertility clinics both in the NHS and the private sector in London and can manage all aspects of sub-fertility. He has vast experience in dealing with English speaking patients and providing healthcare at the highest level. 

His excellent success rates are achieved whilst assisting many couples with complicated histories, whose fertility treatment has previously been unsuccessful or who may have been declined treatment elsewhereAlthough he predominately manages very complex cases, he very successfully treats women with straightforward issues, who want the best possible chance right from the onset.  

Dr Diamantopoulos will provide professional guidance and sensitive support at every step of your journey. His uses the latest scientific techniques and knowledge, to design personalised fertility treatment plans, while empowering his patients to make decisions, ensuring a relaxed atmosphere at a potentially difficult time  

“It is my fundamental obligation to ensure that I offer my couples the best possible chances whilst protecting the health of women and babies so that I can look back and say that I have done absolutely the right thing”.

Dr Athanasios Diamantopoulos, MRCOG, CCT (UK)
Fertility Consultant 

At Fertility Advanced we believe that each and every patient is unique and as such, the care should be individualised. Dr Diamantopoulos rather than following standard, rigid protocols based on age, medical history or blood results alone, monitors each patient intensively, using daily blood tests and scans, to pick up the slightest changes which will impact on the choice of medications and timings of treatment. Medications may be altered, dosages may be changed or new medications added. This level of monitoring may be inconvenient in the short term, but we believe it is vital and can make the difference between success and failure. It is this attention to detail and dedication that contributes to excellence in results.  

Our approach to IVF focuses on the quality of eggs, rather than quantity. Drawing upon experience we favour this approach since we believe that delivers better outcomes. 

Our philosophy is to treat all patients with a potential to succeed, giving clear and realistic information about your individual chances of success. 

At Fertility Advanced we don’t believe that the final decision on whether to treat or not should be ours alone, as long as we have accurately advised patients of their chances. Particularly for the couples with a low likelihood of success, be allowed to try treatment and failing may be part of an acceptance process that may help them come in terms with alternative options to be explored.  

We aim for excellence and strive to do the best for our patients. As a result we think it’s extremely important to have patient feedback. Fertility Advanced audits the experiences of every patient by asking them to fill in a questionnaire after treatment. 

At Fertility Advanced we are committed to providing you with a holistic and considered approach and our only motivation is to try to get the best for everyone. Your chances of success and your health and safety are our priorities. 

We aim to create an environment of genuine care, warmth and positive thinking, providing the emotional support you need balanced with our professional fertility advice. We are committed to empower you with the knowledge and information that will enable you to make an informed decision, which in turn will help us to tailor fertility treatment to your individual needs. We believe that relationships are based on trust and respect and we encourage you to discuss freely with us your anxieties and worries. This open association creates a stress-free atmosphere, contributing to our overall high success rates and patient satisfaction. 

At Fertility Advanced we believe that success is not measured simply by one number but is mirrored back to us through your overall satisfaction.  

Our aim is to help you make your family dream come true. We treat you professionally, but we do not forget that you are human beings and not just another number in our statistics. You, along with us, will work together, to bring your precious baby at your doorsteps, turning subfertility into a fairy tale with a happy end.  

Have a nice flight with us, in one of the best destinations in the world: Greeceto the best destination in the world: FAMILY. 

Our values ensure we put our patients firstWe fully appreciate that a fertility treatment is an emotional journey and are committed to making it as easy as possible by keeping our values at the forefront of all we do:  


We are committed to quality – we work hard to deliver the highest standards of treatment and care consistently with both compassion and empathy.
We share your passion for reaching your goal – in the field of fertility, passion and inspiration comes easily.
We are enthusiastic and want to move the field forward and that’s infectious. 
We are ambitious – we are keen to expand geographically and allow more prospective parents to fulfil their dreams.
We work with energy, drive and determination, embracing change and striving to overcome obstacles by ‘going the extra mile’. 


We are honest and open, providing each patient with accurate information about the chance of having a baby before starting treatmentWe ensure that all the potential benefits and risks of the treatments we recommend are clearly explained. 


Dr Diamantopoulos acknowledges how hard a fertility treatment can be. Thus he is offering telephone and email access directly to him any time of the day and is always there when the patients need him. 

We believe it is vital to monitor women carefully and regularly, to make sure they get the best treatment, at the right time. We work 365 days a year, so if required, monitoring can still be undertaken on weekends, as well as on public holidays, in order to maximise the chances of a successful outcome. That ensures the timings of critical events such as egg collection and embryo transfer can occur when it is actually ideal for you, rather than when it suits the doctor or the clinic. 


Dr Diamantopoulos is always on the lookout for ways to advance the success of your treatment. This is because of the number of complex cases he sees, and the fact that many of his patients have exhausted their options at numerous clinics prior to seeing him. 

He is particularly experienced in the field of Reproductive Immunology and very successfully manages couples suffering from recurrent miscarriages and recurrent implantation failure of the embryos, associated with immunological or clotting disorders.  

Dr Diamantopoulos is also offering ovarian and endometrial rejuvenation treatments such as the PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma). The potential benefit of PRP in women with fertility issues is to thicken the resistant endometrium and to revitalise the non-functioning ovaries in an attempt to regenerate the egg production. 

At Fertility Advanced we recognise that fertility treatments are expensive and costs vary depending on a number of factors. Although you will be offered the most up to date investigations, your fertility treatment will be specifically tailored to your needs to minimise unnecessary expenditure. 

Our aim is to give every couple the opportunity to achieve a pregnancy, being able to offer competitive pricing without compromising quality.  

The cost of a fertility treatment in Greece is significantly lower compared to clinics in Spain or the UK. That is because the same medications in Greece are cheaper and medical services pricing is lower allowing offering the same treatments at a significantly lower cost for you. 

The approach of individualised care, attention to detail and regular monitoring can make a real difference to the success, resulting in a value for money fertility treatment. 

Greece is a wonderful touristic destination and this can only be helpful. We are blessed with amazing weather, delicious food, beautiful islands, beaches and historical monuments. Many couples combine their treatment with holidays.  

Greece is the birthplace of democracy and also the cradle of Western civilisation.  

In Greece, you are in a crossroad of colours and cultures; you feel the strength of History and the warmth of the southern extremity of Europe. Along with the stunning Greek Islands, some of the best places to visit in Greece are the country’s amazing historical sites.  

Athens and Thessaloniki are both cities full of possibilities, easily accessible and visitor friendly around the year, offering a great sum of modern facilities and choices, including unique museums, archaeological sites, shopping and nightlife. 

Special touristic packages, including trips to the surrounding islands or tours of Athens or Thessaloniki can be arranged at very attractive prices if requested by you.