If your partner/ husband has azoospermia, further testing and referral to one of our collaborating Consultants Urologists may be needed. Azoospermia is a condition where no sperm is found in the semen. 

In the majority of cases the absence of sperm in the semen does not mean that the body does not produce any sperm but can be caused by various conditions which do not allow the sperm from the testicles to join the semen, such as an obstruction due to either an absent or a blocked tube connecting the testicle to the penis. 

If azoospermia is detected, a minor operation called surgical sperm retrieval will be advised for the extraction of sperm from your partner’s/ husband’s testicles. This sperm can be subsequently used to fertilise your eggs through ICSI treatment. The surgical sperm retrieval will be carried out by our Consultant Urologist, however the appropriate timing of the procedure will be decided by Dr Diamantopoulos, who will be overall responsible for your fertility treatment. 

There are two different types of surgical sperm retrieval: 

  • PESA: It is a very simple procedure, which can be done under local anaesthetic or mild sedation. A fine needle is used for the aspiration of the sperm. 
  • Micro-TESEIt is more invasive and is advised when PESA is not possible or successful. It is done under general anaesthetic and involves small biopsies taken form the testicle, under microscopic guidance.