Pelvic ultrasound consists a valuable tool for the assessment of women who are experiencing infertility. 

Dr Diamantopoulos performs ultrasound examinations either through the trans-vaginal or the trans-abdominal route, using both 2-D and 3-D scanning technology and colour Doppler studies. 

A 3-D scan of the uterus is particularly valuable for the diagnosis and management of uterine congenital abnormalities such as a uterine septum, which if they remain undetected can affect fertility and IVF success rates. 

A 3-D scan of the ovaries can fairly accurately assess the number of antral follicles in the ovaries. For women undergoing IVF treatment this information is essential and helps to determine the appropriate dose of medication required for optimal response of the ovaries. Particularly for women with polycystic ovaries, precise information regarding the number of follicles in the ovaries can help to reduce the risk of hyper-stimulation.